Thank Athletes for Taking a Knee and Resisting Trump

Donald Trump has been very understanding of violent racists, but has the ugliest words for African American athletes who nonviolently protest a racist criminal justice system.

Trump's bombast has spurred even more athletes to speak out against racial injustice and against Trump.

We will deliver the petition with your signatures to the players union.

Click below to thank those athletes who have taken a knee in protest -- or have joined in their defense:

We thank those athletes who have taken a knee to protest racism and injustice, and in defense of freedom of speech and freedom of thought. We thank those who have come to their defense. You have our gratitude.

201-225 of 27924 signatures
Number Date Name Location Please add comment.
27724 1 month ago Melissa Dyas Bloomsburg, PA
27723 1 month ago Cheryl Woerner Essex, MD Thank you for using the power you have to affirm the human rights of African Americans, people of color and the economic underclasses in the U. S. A.
27722 1 month ago Jody Clark Placerville, CA
27721 1 month ago JANET FINESILVER PROSPECT PARK, PA These brave athletes should be commended and their first amendment rights should be protected
27720 1 month ago Susan MacLeod Monett, MO I kneel with you, i believe in what your doing and that black lives do matter. I will never stand with a bully hateful President.. God bless!!
27719 1 month ago Perla Gonzalez San Antonio, TX
27718 1 month ago JONI BRILL Olympia, WA You are real patriots standing up to truly make America a better country than it is today.
27717 1 month ago Charles Smith Kansas City, MO Trump is "talking out of the side of his mouth".
27716 1 month ago Anonymous Brighton, MI Please continue to speak against injustice!
27715 1 month ago Anonymous Brighton, MI Our soldiers died for this right!!! It is not selective-we ALL have the right to free speech & the right to protest! That is exactly what our flag stands for!
27714 1 month ago Elyse Coberly Denver, CO
27713 1 month ago Caroline Ramsay Merriam Washington, DC Thank you all for being principled.
27712 1 month ago Harvey Bender Berkeley, CA
27711 1 month ago Kimberlee Tellez Los Angeles , CA
27710 1 month ago Janice Hazeldine Hightstown, NJ
27709 1 month ago Anonymous DERWOOD, MD
27708 1 month ago T Warren BRENTWOOD, MD
27707 1 month ago Kelsey Corrick Chatsworth, CA
27706 1 month ago Jonathan Lipp Littleton, CO
27705 1 month ago Cynthia Koobs Pewaukee, WI Even though I personally would not take a knee, being free means everyone has a right to express their belief/view. THAT is why I joined the military and served 9 years in the Navy.
27704 1 month ago Melanie Bain Highwood , IL
27703 1 month ago Anonymous Chatsworth , CA Thank you players. The NFL needs some push back here. Good job! We support you!
27702 1 month ago Andrea Blake Keizer, OR Thank you for using your voice. No one should be penalized for protesting and especially not for symbolic speech. As much as the right wants this to be Russia, the US isn't a dictatorship yet.
27701 1 month ago Meredith Mohr Elkton, MD
27700 1 month ago David Copper Staunton, VA
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