Tell Congress: Adopt Policy of No First Use of Nuclear Weapons

Using nuclear weapons ever would be absolute lunacy. A step toward abolition, disarmament, easing of international tensions, and peace negotations would be for the United States to join those nuclear nations that foreswear first use.

Add your name and comments to this petition to the U.S. Congress:

Pass HR 4415 and accompanying legislation in the Senate to make it U.S. policy to not use nuclear weapons first.

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14321 3 months ago Steve GrosJacques Salem, OR , US
14320 3 months ago Joan Staples Riverview, FL , US
14319 3 months ago James Hedgecock Pahoa, HI , US
14318 3 months ago Linval DePass Palo Alto, CA , US
14317 3 months ago Steven Kroeger Albany, NY , US
14316 3 months ago Raymond Kolbe Carpinteria, CA , US This legislation is long overdue. Let's act now to prevent a catastrophe.
14315 3 months ago Barbara Spink Castleton-On-Hudson, NY , US
14314 3 months ago Anonymous wilmington, MA , US
14313 3 months ago Wade Lance New York, NY , US
14312 3 months ago Janet Petermann Austin, TX , US
14311 3 months ago Anonymous Oceanside , CA , US
14310 3 months ago Hanna Morris Berkeley, CA , US
14309 3 months ago Altha Satterwhite Tigard, OR , US
14308 3 months ago Frank Glass Albany, OR , US The only justification to have a nuclear weapons is its existence as a deterrent. First use of a nuke would be the height of immorality.
14307 3 months ago Joann Lowes Byrnes Mill, MO , US
14306 3 months ago Kay Brainerd Belleville , MI , US
14305 3 months ago Peggy Patrick Berea, KY , US Never, never, never should we be the first to use nuclear weapons!! Not sure we should ever use them - period!!!! The people most affected will be the people least responsible!!!!
14304 3 months ago Carol Hyndman Grass Valley, CA , US
14303 3 months ago Rosemary Hoppe St. Catharine, , KY , US Use of force by one person or a nation only results in the other responding in the same way. Nuclear weapons kill humans and all living things -- this is not humane -- nor is it moral in any religi...
14302 3 months ago Margretta Campbell Richmond, CA , US
14301 3 months ago Eileen Wunderlich Houston, TX , US
14300 3 months ago Robin Devaney Harrusbyrg, PA , US
14299 3 months ago Jeanette Bayer Appleton, WI , US In the past, when we were great, U.S. foreign policy was based on no preemptive strikes. We need a strong, honorable, steady and truthful foreign policy that reflects our values.
14298 3 months ago Diane Eggleston Apache Junction, AZ , US We need to stand up for diplomacy and peaceable relations among the world's leaders.
14297 3 months ago Richard Smith Glendale, OR , US Humans crew spaceship earth. Mutiny threatens all life aboard. We must agree on a change of course or sink the ship.
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