Hey, Nancy Pelosi, Stop Blocking Impeachment

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says, "Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment." Impeaching Donald Trump, she says, would be a waste of time because "he's just not that important." Pelosi claims that impeaching Trump would "divide us, not bring us together."

 Please sign this petition to Nancy Pelosi:

Now is indeed the time to move forward on numerous documented and indisputable impeachable offenses.

Those offenses include violation of the Constitution on domestic and foreign emoluments, incitement of violence, interference with voting rights, discrimination based on religion, illegal wars, illegal threats of nuclear war, abuse of the pardon power, obstruction of justice, politicization of prosecutions, and collusion against the United States with Russia and Egypt on behalf of Israel. Draft articles of impeachment and documentation on each of these topics are here:

We urge you not to limit impeachment to the topic of an investigation by a special counsel and then to use that investigation as a rationale for stalling. Impeachment need not and cannot wait.

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13618 2 months ago Anonymous Pleasanton, CA WHAT MORE DO *YOU* NEED TO SEE, NANCY (Just waiting to be named Speaker?)??? HOW BAD DOES IT HAVE TO GET?? This idiot is going to wreck our Country if we don't remove him ASAP, or else he is...
13617 2 months ago Margaret Christensen Christensen Gilbert, AZ
13616 2 months ago Timothy Shaw Smyrna, TN
13615 2 months ago Sally Allen Citrus Heights , CA
13614 2 months ago L N Antioch, IL
13613 2 months ago Daryl W. De Boer De Boer Toms River, NJ
13612 2 months ago Kurt Gross San Diego, CA IMPEACH, INDICT, INCARCERATE. Trump is a danger to our nation and our way of life. He is a mendacious, criminal, law-breaking, repugnant ball of fecal matter WHO HAS NO BUSINESS being in the White...
13611 2 months ago Karen Steele Eureka, CA
13610 2 months ago Susan Dean Denver, CO
13609 2 months ago Anonymous Jefferson, TX
13608 2 months ago Deborah DeSimone Huntersville, NC
13607 2 months ago Cynthia Lujan Tucson, AZ Please do not block the Imprachment of trump.
Thank you
13606 2 months ago Tom Cannon Haslett, MI
13605 2 months ago Robert Missimer Malvern, PA
13604 2 months ago john Moszyk St Louis, MO
13603 2 months ago David Shelton Radford, VA
13602 2 months ago Rigerius Astirios National City, CA impeach the loud-mouthed miscreant before he ruins the entire planet.
13601 2 months ago Roselle Merritt Durham, NC
13600 2 months ago Jennifer Burke Ocala, FL
13599 2 months ago David Burtis Calistoga, CA
13598 2 months ago Jill Wyatt Baker City, OR
13597 2 months ago cathy rupp pittsburgh, PA
13596 2 months ago Michael Alpern Lafayette, CO
13595 2 months ago Kara Lucas Broomfield, CO
13594 2 months ago Tim Porter Panama City, FL
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