Hey, Nancy Pelosi, Stop Blocking Impeachment

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says, "Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment." Impeaching Donald Trump, she says, would be a waste of time because "he's just not that important." Pelosi claims that impeaching Trump would "divide us, not bring us together."

 Please sign this petition to Nancy Pelosi:

Now is indeed the time to move forward on numerous documented and indisputable impeachable offenses.

Those offenses include violation of the Constitution on domestic and foreign emoluments, incitement of violence, interference with voting rights, discrimination based on religion, illegal wars, illegal threats of nuclear war, abuse of the pardon power, obstruction of justice, politicization of prosecutions, and collusion against the United States with Russia and Egypt on behalf of Israel. Draft articles of impeachment and documentation on each of these topics are here:

We urge you not to limit impeachment to the topic of an investigation by a special counsel and then to use that investigation as a rationale for stalling. Impeachment need not and cannot wait.

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12570 1 week ago mark novotny Countryside, IL
12569 1 week ago Laura Schleyer Olympia , WA
12568 1 week ago patricia winne Forest City, NC Action must be taken now. The Trump Presidency is a disaster and we will be spending years trying to clean up his mess.
12567 1 week ago Lisa Barron Albany, NY Dear Ms Pelosi,
I must tell you that I believe your efforts to win back the House and Senate will fail unless you create an effective communications system,which is presently non existing. No onWhat are your goals for our peoples\' future and for the world?
We have to do more than promoting business interests everywhere.
and endlessly building our military with endless failing wars to defend them, to the detriment of fulfilling our needs at home. Stop supporting special donor interests and imperial efforts around the world!
You must promote the welfare of all our people, not simply minorities.
We must have healthcare for everyone, a living wage, renewable energy jobs, free college education, an end to big money in elections, reversing gerrymandering and obstruction of voters at the polls,. Above all we must address the rapidly developing catastrophic climate change that is threatening our existence on this planet!
The voters need to be informed of the many lies and false promises, the crimes and hypocrisy of the current administration, and how with devious means they took over the government on both state and federal levels. Why not a station as a response to the republican controlledFoxNews, run by progressive Democrats?
Without engaging the public in these efforts, nothing will change
and the Democratic Party will cease to exist, due to its own mistakes.
If you are unable or unwilling to join with and promote progressive positions you should not stand in the way of Bernie Sanders who would easily have won the primaries and the presidency, had you not rejected and obstructed his candidacy.
It\'s time to update and reform the Democratic Party before our republic is irrevocably damaged.
I would appreciate a reply.
Sincerely'); return false;">...
12566 2 weeks ago Mariya Starichenok Bothell, WA
12565 2 weeks ago Vernetta Taylor Greenport, NY
12564 2 weeks ago Daniel Brown Nevada City, CA How many broken laws and clear attempts to obstruct justice will it take, before it IS time to impeach him? No man should be above the law.
12563 2 weeks ago Dayle Sherba ANCHORAGE, AK I respecfully urge you to impeach Trump now!!! S-hole countries, planning a military parade, would love a shutdown, treasonous Dems who didn't clap at State of Union speech - really, do we need mor...
12562 2 weeks ago Brian Schuler Forestville, CA Please check out Tom Steyer (the billionaire who put up $30,000,000 of his own money to Impeach Trump) @ NeedToImpeach.org with 4,000,000+signitures

And, please check out Impeachdon...
12561 3 weeks ago Tom Gurule Dallas, TX
12560 3 weeks ago Tiana Brachel Cartersville, GA
12559 3 weeks ago Peter Grinsell Roseville, MN Now is the fucking time Nancy! Personally I found your statement on the matter unjust, divisive,and out of touch. Thank you.
12558 3 weeks ago Jenny Michel Menlo Park, CA As a mother of a three year old son and a Commercial Property Manager, I insist you stop wasting my time/money, my families time/money, everyone I know and don't know time/money, and move forward wi...
12557 3 weeks ago Anonymous midvale, UT
12556 3 weeks ago Anonymous Putney, VT Trump is destroying this country. He is a con man and needs to be impeached before something more serious develops. He is unstable. Do your job please and stand with the rest of the DEMS and move to...
12555 3 weeks ago Jessie McDade Brooklyn, NY
12554 3 weeks ago KEVIN MURPHY Canandaigua, NY In order to protect America, uphold the Constitution, return dignity and respect to the United States, this menace, this construct to the world has to be removed.
12553 3 weeks ago Catherine Strout Bloomfield Hills, MI
12552 3 weeks ago Anonymous Clearwater, FL
12551 3 weeks ago Greg Bloodgood Mankato, MN As usual the dems get out played and our democracy contaminated.
12550 3 weeks ago Jo Garrett Madison, WI
12549 3 weeks ago Carina Acuna Sahuarita, AZ
12548 3 weeks ago Ambrosia Danu Carson City, NV
12547 4 weeks ago Rand carter utica, NY
12546 4 weeks ago Rose King Dolomite, AL
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