Hey, Nancy Pelosi, Stop Blocking Impeachment

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says, "Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment." Impeaching Donald Trump, she says, would be a waste of time because "he's just not that important." Pelosi claims that impeaching Trump would "divide us, not bring us together."

 Please sign this petition to Nancy Pelosi:

Now is indeed the time to move forward on numerous documented and indisputable impeachable offenses.

Those offenses include violation of the Constitution on domestic and foreign emoluments, incitement of violence, interference with voting rights, discrimination based on religion, illegal wars, illegal threats of nuclear war, abuse of the pardon power, obstruction of justice, politicization of prosecutions, and collusion against the United States with Russia and Egypt on behalf of Israel. Draft articles of impeachment and documentation on each of these topics are here:

We urge you not to limit impeachment to the topic of an investigation by a special counsel and then to use that investigation as a rationale for stalling. Impeachment need not and cannot wait.

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13693 2 months ago mark ort Columbia, MO
13692 2 months ago Brad Snyder Maple Grove, MN Besides Trump and impeachment I wanted to discuss a few other things with you.

As a current Science Teacher/Environmental Educator and a former Engineer, my top priorities have always been ...
13691 2 months ago Nathan Oliver Keene, NH Simply put, Trump and the GOP will take our Democratic Republic and turn it into a Fascist Oligarchy, if you can't see that then please open your eyes! Here are some facts about Fascism for you to p
1. Exalts nation... above individual and states = America First politics, harming citizens and foreigners alike. Mostly Ignores Puerto Rico and California disasters and makes claims that raking will solve the problem!!!
2. Autocratic government = routinely rams highly-unpopular (even amongst his own party) policy changes into effect by Executive Order, which almost always face court challenges, (skirts those on loopholes), can\'t even get his own party to agree on anything in Congress except tax cuts for the rich. Has even gotten his base to turn on old school hard core republicans who vote in favor of his bills! McCain, Flake and Tillerson all warned us!
3.Forcible suppression of the opposition = exploits the ignorance of his supporters using social media, telling them rampant lies at unheard-of levels, attacks and discredits bona fide journalistic sources when they call out his lies,tells people to worry about the truth and what is real, only worry about your “mystical unities and direct connections between the mystical leader and the people.” TWITTER” is his tool, goes to extremes to fire anyone he can that isn\'t loyal to him or his Fascist agendas, creates childishly insulting nicknames for key figures that speak up against him and repeats fake conspiracy theories against them.
4 Exalts nation and often race = travel ban, border wall idea, and overall immigration policies CLEAR efforts to endorse white nationalism. Relies heavily on dog-whistle racism. KKK love him. Big jump in white-supremacist groups and activity since elected. Those very fine people who commit, plot and attempt murder and mass murder vs Antifa who do not!
5 Severe economic ... regimentation = launches global trade war on the advice of fringe economists within the White House administration, in spite of bipartisan efforts within Congress doing everything possible to stop him Yup, pretty much the dictionary definition of a fascist, to the extent the (stretched) Constitution permits, and perhaps beyond that. Imagine how FASCIST trump would be if he could tamper with the Constitution!!!? Oh wait he already is looking into that!
A. Doing away with the 14th amendment
B. Changing the libel laws.
He is poised to do so on a level never seen before.
6. Trump has, subversively, consolidated his power. He refuses to accept or even acknowledge that the Judiciary has the authority to question him. Members of his staff have even echoed that his “power should not be questioned” He has even said he can’t be indicted and now has Brett Kavanaugh in the supreme court who has suggested that is true. He has floated the idea that president for life is a good thing. He has his own personal Fascist propaganda machines pumping out lies and division. From their reports to his Tweets!
7. Has de-legitimized the FBI, CIA, DOJ, HLS,
8. Has gone half way to genocide as defined by the UN! Putting children in cages!!!!!!
9. Trump is undermining the press via his Fake News narrative. Example. Trump has said he wants to take away NBC broadcast license. He said he wanted to change the libel laws back in 2000 and since becoming POTUS he has appointed people to look into how to do it. He calls the press the enemy of the people. Trump appointed Ajit Pie who has allowed Sinclair Broadcast corp to buy up 45% of small town local TV news stations and to top that off Sinclair has told the news anchors to read a pro-Trump propaganda piece and of course Pai killed net neutrality. Trump has blocked the press from attending White house meetings.
If that isn\'t enough then you will doom America and the world with your feather light touch to stop Trump and the GOP! What we need is for you to stand up and drop a ten ton boulder on it. This concept we go high when they go low is not going to cut it. You must use everything you can to stop them! We will still have his base, his judiciary, and Fascist Propaganda machines to deal with for generations. I don’t expect it but you may contact me or send me a Email that you, “Nancy Pelosi” not your aid actually read this desperate plea to stand up for our Democratic Republic outlandr1966@gmail.com
In Desperation your constituent,
Nathan Oliver.
BTW I want to be wrong.'); return false;">...
13690 2 months ago Darrell Trombley Palm Springs, CA
13689 2 months ago Andrea Chisari Mims, FL United against idiots!
13688 2 months ago Naomi Cohen Gap Mills, WV
13687 2 months ago Tiana Brachel Cartersville, GA
13686 2 months ago Suzanne Haima Muskego, WI
13685 2 months ago Anonymous oceanside, CA
13684 2 months ago Kathy Bradley Lugoff, SC
13683 2 months ago Nicholas Downey Gurdon, AR
13682 2 months ago Bradley Grower Clifton, AZ You could not exhibit the courage necessary to introduce articles of impeachment authored by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, proving your failure to uphold the oath of office you've sworn to on far too MANY o...
13681 2 months ago Michael Badar Lafayette, CO Representative Pelosi,

Why are you waiting on beginning the impeachment process? Do you and the president have a common neo-liberal goal in mind?
13680 2 months ago Tony Thomson west jordan, UT
13679 2 months ago Christopher Lish San Rafael, CA
13678 2 months ago Lauren Linda Laguna Woods, CA
13677 2 months ago Frederick Sawyer Santa Fe, NM
13676 2 months ago Douglas Meacham Summerfield, NC This cannot wait! Democratic centrism is toast. This imposter should never have been allowed to take the Oath of Office, but since he did, he is guilty of numerous impeachable transgressions.
13675 2 months ago Dawn Cline Los alamos, NM
13674 2 months ago Brian Miller Troy, OH
13673 2 months ago joyce SHIFFRIN BROOKLYN, NY
13672 2 months ago Wanda Osterman Carlsbad, CA Doing nothing about a criminal president shows all Americans that he is above the law. Avoiding conflict does not support legal proceedings. He must be punished or others will follow in his foot s...
13671 2 months ago Janice Brown Englewood, CO
13670 2 months ago Nancy Heard Sherman Oaks, CA
13669 2 months ago Cheryl Militello Greenville, SC
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