MSNBC: Stop censoring U.S.-assisted carnage in Yemen

An analysis by Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) has found that the purportedly liberal cable network MSNBC did not run a single segment devoted specifically to the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen in the second half of 2017, even though – or perhaps becausethe U.S. government has played a key role in creating the catastrophe. During this period MSNBC ran nearly 5,000 percent more segments that mentioned Russia than segments that mentioned Yemen.

In all of 2017, MSNBC only aired one broadcast on the U.S.-assisted Saudi airstrikes that have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians. And it never mentioned Yemen’s cholera epidemic, which infected more than 1 million Yemenis in the largest outbreak in recorded history, a direct result of the U.S.-assisted Saudi/UAE war and blockade.[1]

The Pentagon has been refueling Saudi and UAE warplanes bombing purported Houthi targets in Yemen, even though Congress has never authorized such military action in Yemen, as required by the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution. Section 8c of the War Powers Resolution defines U.S. participation in hostilities as including participation in the movement of foreign forces on their way to combat[2]; clearly, refueling Saudi/UAE warplanes during their bomb runs meets this definition.

The Pentagon has been able to get away with this unconstitutional military action, in significant measure, because major U.S. media have refused to consistently report on the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen and especially because they have rarely reported on the direct U.S. military role in causing the humanitarian catastrophe.

Urge Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and MSNBC to correct their failure to report on the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen and the direct U.S. military role in causing the catastrophe by signing our petition:

MSNBC: Stop censoring the U.S.-assisted carnage in Yemen.

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23751 8 months ago Vajra Kilgour New York, NY
23750 8 months ago Lorinda Sherman Roosevelt, UT
23749 8 months ago Mary Heaner South Hadley, MA By failing to report you are complicit in the war crimes against the people of Yemen.
23748 8 months ago m davis bridgend, ot
23747 8 months ago stéphane dupras épiphanie, QC Come back into the real world please !!!
23746 8 months ago Ronny Credi Elmsford, NY It’s disappointing that today, MSNBC leaves me disgusted as Fox News does. And I’m a formwe viewer of MSNBC cable news, especially Maddow.
23745 8 months ago kip husty palo alto, CA Fake newscasters - Maddow, Hayes comedy team (only it's not funny)
23744 8 months ago ranney moss sedona, AZ
23743 8 months ago Mike Wilson wrentham, MA MSNBC has made this kind of "coverage" their sole reason for being (and not a whole lot different from Fox BTW.) It will be difficult for them to start covering the real stories like Yemen. ...
23742 8 months ago Scott Shoup Tampa , FL
23741 8 months ago bernardo alayza mujica sioux city, IA
23740 8 months ago Robert Morency Center Ossipee, NH
23739 8 months ago Rita Gallin East Lansing, MI
23738 8 months ago Anthony Tothe Chatham, NE
23737 8 months ago Robert Bossie Chicago, IL MSNBC (especially Rachel Maddow, did the same thing during the Trump campaign. After a while, I thought, "why not just say you are part of the Trump campaign." Every night most of her show was d...
23736 8 months ago Marilyn Bruning Sequim, WA I rarely watch the Hayes and Maddow shows any more, waste of time.
I depend for my news on Democracy Now and some online sources.
23735 8 months ago Rebecca Powell Alfred, NY This is a devastating situation and the public NEEDS to be informed. We rely on you for world news so please give Russia a break and report on Yemen.
23734 8 months ago Anonymous Princeton, NJ
23733 8 months ago Garret Whitney Concord, MA
23732 8 months ago Ben Waisanen Portland, OR
23731 8 months ago M A Columbus, OH
23730 8 months ago Dan Potter Santa Fe, NM
23729 8 months ago Catherine Mugianis Farmington, MI Fake and dangerous
23728 8 months ago Steve Livingston chicago, IL
23727 8 months ago Clinton Scott Show Low, AZ Stop being worthless shills for the MIC and Wall street and start practicing real journalism.
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1. “MSNBC Ignores Catastrophic US-Backed War In Yemen; Finds Russia 5000% More Newsworthy,” Ben Norton, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting.
2. “War Powers Resolution"