MSNBC: Stop censoring U.S.-assisted carnage in Yemen

An analysis by Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) has found that the purportedly liberal cable network MSNBC did not run a single segment devoted specifically to the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen in the second half of 2017, even though – or perhaps becausethe U.S. government has played a key role in creating the catastrophe. During this period MSNBC ran nearly 5,000 percent more segments that mentioned Russia than segments that mentioned Yemen.

In all of 2017, MSNBC only aired one broadcast on the U.S.-assisted Saudi airstrikes that have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians. And it never mentioned Yemen’s cholera epidemic, which infected more than 1 million Yemenis in the largest outbreak in recorded history, a direct result of the U.S.-assisted Saudi/UAE war and blockade.[1]

The Pentagon has been refueling Saudi and UAE warplanes bombing purported Houthi targets in Yemen, even though Congress has never authorized such military action in Yemen, as required by the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution. Section 8c of the War Powers Resolution defines U.S. participation in hostilities as including participation in the movement of foreign forces on their way to combat[2]; clearly, refueling Saudi/UAE warplanes during their bomb runs meets this definition.

The Pentagon has been able to get away with this unconstitutional military action, in significant measure, because major U.S. media have refused to consistently report on the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen and especially because they have rarely reported on the direct U.S. military role in causing the humanitarian catastrophe.

Urge Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and MSNBC to correct their failure to report on the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen and the direct U.S. military role in causing the catastrophe by signing our petition:

MSNBC: Stop censoring the U.S.-assisted carnage in Yemen.

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23267 1 week ago Taylor Teegarden Pleasant Hill, CA If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. I am tired of the one-trick-pony antics of MSNBC. OK, you're slaves to ratings, but you're either a news program or you're a propagand...
23266 1 week ago Lois Jordan Tucson, AZ
23265 1 week ago Stanley Dubis Adams, MA
23264 1 week ago Ursula George Van Vleck, TX
23263 1 week ago Marc Monarch Los Angeles, CT
23262 1 week ago Joan Lang Cleveland, OH Please do not limit your coverage of the news to what YOU like, but what we Americans need to know to be truly informed. You are getting so lopsided in what you report. I am disappointed.
23261 1 week ago Linda Jansen Seattle, WA
23260 1 week ago SB Pierson chicago, IL
23259 1 week ago SB Pierson chicago, IL
23258 1 week ago Daniel Gilman Seattle, WA
23257 1 week ago Robin Lovrien Steuben , ME So glad to support an effort to keep MSNBC accountable in reporting REAL news.
23256 1 week ago Sue Robbins Grafton, MA
23255 1 week ago Brian Dilts Conshohocken, PA
23254 1 week ago Timothy Havel Boston, MA
23253 1 week ago john malley youngstown, OH
23252 1 week ago Roberta Richardson Golden, CO
23251 1 week ago Vic Anderson Eagle Lake, FL It's war criminal.
23250 1 week ago Cass Martinez Saint Helens, OR Yemen policy tells me Dems and Repubs are on the wrong track. Cruelty, violence, murder are state policy. Daily coverage would provide daylight to the heartbreak and pain we are responsible for in Y...
23249 1 week ago Betsy Himle Hutchinson, MN
23248 1 week ago Lisa Gale Hendersonville , NC The public has a right to know what the US is doing in Yemen. MSNBC has an obligation to cover it. Shame on Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow for the lack of coverage. I used to expect more from you. Now I...
23247 1 week ago Joshua Jack Davenport, IA
23246 1 week ago Timothy Casey Santa Rosa, CA MSNBC's constant coverage of all thing Trump, while ignoring almost any other new items, has become tedious, to say nothing of the attention it continuously showers on Mr. Trump.
23245 1 week ago Lorraine Markoff Eugene, OR MSNBC, by ignoring Yemen you are enabling the war machine of the USA Empire. By pushing "Russia Russia Russia" to incite fear, you are war mongering when instead you should be promoting peace. Sh...
23244 1 week ago Anonymous Blackwood, NJ
23243 1 week ago Bella Smith Walla walla, WA
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1. “MSNBC Ignores Catastrophic US-Backed War In Yemen; Finds Russia 5000% More Newsworthy,” Ben Norton, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting.
2. “War Powers Resolution"