Stop Trump's militarism parade before it starts

Trump wants a military parade with major war weaponry rolling down the streets of Washington, D.C.

We will deliver this petition to the U.S. House Majority Leader, House Minority Leader, Senate Majority Leader, and the Senate Minority Leader.

Let's stop this bad idea before it happens:

We demand that the United States hold no militarism-glorifying parade displaying weaponry of war. Should such a thing be staged, we will visibly support peace on that day.

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24184 2 months ago Vicki Cannarile Vancouver, This is an egomaniacal parade for an egomaniacal Donald tRump! STOP this parade!!! There is NO money nor reason nor benefit to anyone for this parade except to satisfy his ego!! NO PARADE!!!!
24183 2 months ago Alexander di Mauro Chicago, This parade idea is so wrong - who needs a display of weapons that will cost an estimated $30M?? Let's spend that money on infrastructure repairs, education, nutrition, or any of a number of real...
24182 2 months ago Bob Jensen New York,
24181 2 months ago JANE LEIGHTON seattle,
24180 2 months ago Bill Fox Southlake, The money is better spent on veterans needs
24179 2 months ago Anonymous Abington,
24178 2 months ago Dana Scering Fort Myers Beach, No military parade. Spend that money on taking care of our veterans and other programs for US citizens.
24177 2 months ago John Simmons Dublin, Trump and the GOP need to be imprisoned for TREASON.
24176 2 months ago Jerry Makowski Kendall Park,
24175 2 months ago Anonymous Rotterdam, Money for a parade would-be better spent for the care of our Veterans.
24174 2 months ago RoxAnn Mannuzza Broomfield,
24173 2 months ago Janice Crongeyer-Basye Waldorf, Please stop this nonsense and spend the money on our veterans for care and retraining.
24172 2 months ago Anonymous Scarborough ,
24171 2 months ago Cynthia Jarrett Asheboro,
24170 2 months ago Brandon Gregory Seattle , This is just plain wrong
24169 2 months ago Anonymous Manchester, I do not want ANY of my tax dollars going towards a military parade. The money could be used better else where such as in schools, health care, veterans, the poor etc.
24168 2 months ago Leokadya Wolf Chalfont, Stop that parade and use the money to help people in need.
24167 2 months ago Anonymous ojai, This money needs to go to WORTHY causes, not to stoke trump's fragile ego!
24166 2 months ago Barbara Johnson Jefferson,
24165 2 months ago Robert Petrella Clinton Twp, WHY? Because Russia and N. Korea do it?Grow up Trump! Feed the Veteran's NOT YOUR ego!!!
24164 2 months ago Leslie Wreford Ann Arbor,
24163 2 months ago Anonymous Binghamton, Veterans need resources and funding. This parade is not necessary, a waste of resources, and a farce.
24162 2 months ago Barbara Campbell Milford , Use the money for actually helping veterans.
24161 2 months ago Paula Clowers Raleigh,
24160 2 months ago Marilyn minee Paladin Tarzana, What to do next?
Maybe we'll march on that day.
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