Stop Trump's militarism parade before it starts

Trump wants a military parade with major war weaponry rolling down the streets of Washington, D.C.

We will deliver this petition to the U.S. House Majority Leader, House Minority Leader, Senate Majority Leader, and the Senate Minority Leader.

Let's stop this bad idea before it happens:

We demand that the United States hold no militarism-glorifying parade displaying weaponry of war. Should such a thing be staged, we will visibly support peace on that day.

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24424 7 months ago Morgan Eames Hudson NH, A parade is a waste of money as well as totally misdirected patriotism.
24423 7 months ago Boyde Crawford Elizabethtown, Waste of taxpayer money and soldiers' time!
24422 7 months ago Anonymous Hayward , Stop this crazy Putin display. No one should pay for this. If Trump wants it, let him pay for this joke!
24421 7 months ago Patricia Chubbuck Woolwich, We cannot afford this waste of money especially when we have a budget deficit. If trump wants a parade he can pay for it.
24420 7 months ago jean eustice Staffor , STOP the madness!!!
This is little more than self aggrandizement at the expense of our US budget AND our loyal military that deserves more than having to march around the breakfast table to sati...
24419 7 months ago Erika Andrade Moorpark,
24418 7 months ago Anonymous Marcola,
24417 7 months ago Mindy Kephart Springfield , Only dictators have military parades, spend the 12 Million on the poor or homeless not a parade.
24416 7 months ago Tiffany Burnett CHICAGO,
24415 7 months ago Walter Hanson Perry, People will not forgive supporting militarizing imagery right on American streets. Desist carrying forward this ludicrous fiasco!
24414 7 months ago Anita R SOMERS Brewster NY, Don't feed the ego of a bully by allowing a military parade when the $$ could
be used to support the needs of veterans . Especially for a man who would
encourage taking babies away from t...
24413 7 months ago Craig Heim Savannah,
24412 7 months ago Anna Trujillo San Luis, Focus on infrastructure repair or help for our Veterans
24411 7 months ago Anonymous williamsburg,
24410 7 months ago Anonymous Los Angeles, President Trump did not serve in the military therefore should not expect a parade. Do we have millions of dollars to spend on such a thing? Haven't we given it to the wealthy via Trump's tax brea...
24409 7 months ago Anonymous Town and Country, We need to come together as a Country he doesn't deserve a Parade he needs a pole to ride on out of town with Tar and Feathers
24408 7 months ago Anonymous Coral Gables, This very idea of a military parade is abhorrent. What message is this sending? America is walking the path of a dictatorship. A military parade is one of its trappings. This is a travesty - on e...
24407 7 months ago Kathryn Rule Mercer Island Wa,
24406 7 months ago Stacey Peterson Maple Valley,
24405 7 months ago Kathy Ellis Dennisport, I don’t want any of my tax dollars to pay for any military parade to bolster the ego of our lunatic president!...someone who didn’t even serve.....
24404 7 months ago Anonymous Carolina Beach,
24403 7 months ago Walt Anderson Mclean, Stop the Parade !!!
24402 7 months ago Mark Woolard Crowder, NO TAX PAYER MONEY SHOULD BE WASTED ON SPECTACLES! Instead, money should be spent on training our military men and women.
24401 7 months ago Anonymous Salinas,
24400 7 months ago Shari Baelfyr Rio Linda, STUPID!! Nobody wants to honor that draft dodger!
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