Get Health Insurance Rates Under Control!

Californians are suffering insurance premium hikes of up to 50% or more a year, plus increases of up to thousands of dollars in copays and deductibles. What can state regulators do about it? Practically nothing. If you are a resident of California, you can change that by taking the action below: Tell your California State Senator to support legislation to get health insurance rates under control. Help us bust our message through the army of lobbyists in Sacramento.

A bill in the Legislature, AB52 by Assemblyman Mike Feuer, would give state regulators authority to reject or modify excessive increases, and consider insurance companies’ profits and surplus in making the decision. Consumers could also challenge rate increases on their own. Other states are cutting proposed increases from double digits to single digits or lower. Californians deserve at least the same protection.

Want to know more? Read Consumer Watchdog’s new report on how rate regulation works to hold down premiums. And see what Sen. Dianne Feinstein says about the need for regulation.