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In these difficult times, many struggling New Yorkers can’t get the help they need.  Providing cash assistance in a respectful and efficient manner reduces hardship and stimulates local economies. But too many New Yorkers in need of this critical assistance face burdensome application requirements, harsh treatment, and excessive wait times. As a result, many households aren’t receiving desperately needed support, and face serious hardship.

Our Goals
The Access to Assistance Campaign works to eliminate inappropriate obstacles to welfare and reduce programmatic inefficiencies. At the City and State Levels of government, we work to:
  • Simplify the enrollment process by creating online application and recertification options, reducing the excessive number of required appointments and improving customer service.
  • Reduce improperly imposed penalties (sanctions), and eliminate durational sanctions.
  • Encourage more effective screening of applicants and recipients with disabilities, and those experiencing domestic violence
  • Advocate for Parents’ right to childcare by assuring applicants receive assistance in finding quality care, and are protected from improper penalties if they can’t find suitable care.
One of the best ways you can add your support to our efforts is by lending your name to our campaign. Your organization's endorsement of our principles and goals will help demonstrate a broad constituency for a more accessible and responsive welfare system. If you'd like to sign on to our campaign, you can do so via the form below.  More information about the campaign is available here.

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