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Increasing Immigrant Services
Immigrant and Refugee Services Face Devastating Cuts: 74% cut to the Immigrant Services Line Item from FY2010 and 53% cut to Refugee Social Services.  Reflecting the rapid demographic immigrant growth in Illinois, especially in the suburbs, investment in our communities should increase, not decrease.

Restore the Immigrant Services Line Item to $10 million for:

  • New Americans Initiative citizenship program ($2.4 million)
  • Immigrant Family Resource Program ($1.8 million)
  • Neighbor-to-Neighbor volunteerism campaign ($372,500 to match $1 million AmeriCorps grant)
  • Upwardly Global program for immigrant professionals ($100,000)

Funding for Refugee Services to ensure successful resettlement.   

Funding for English Education: A $5 million additional investment in innovative programs that lead immigrants toward productive jobs and careers.
Fair Representation
FAIR REDISTRICTING that better distributes immigrant communities allowing us to elect candidates of our choice and have a full voice in federal, state, and local government.  

REPRESENTATION in appointments that reflects the diversity of our State.
Stand with Families
A SMART ENFORCEMENT (SB2266-Muñoz, House Sponsor: Burke) law that prevents ICE dragnet deportation programs like "Secure Communities" from  wasting Illinois tax dollars and  law enforcement resources while destroying
immigrant families and communities.

An ILLINOIS DREAM ACT (SB 2185-Cullerton, House Sponsor: Acevedo) that supports those hard-working undocumented immigrant students who stay in school with private scholarship funds and legal driving certificates.
Stand against Hate
ALLKIDS:  We must protect access to health insurance for every child.
ILLINOIS IS NOT ARIZONA: Reject attempts to bring Arizona’s divisive immigration
law to Illinois, such as HB 1969.