You Can Reduce Toxic Algae on Maine's Coasts

As you know, Maine's coastal water is often decimated by toxic algal blooms that close shellfish fisheries, kill fishing jobs and fish, and ruin vacations for thousands.  Already this summer, there have been fisheries closures in areas around Marinicus Isle, Great Head, York/Casco Bay and Winter Harbor, and we aren't even out of June yet!

Please send a letter to Senator Snowe urging her to pass her bill to fight toxic algae!

Senator Olympia Snowe has been a leader in addressing this problem for years, and has an opportunity to pass a bill that could reduce the impact of red tides and other toxic algal blooms in Maine and across the U.S.  Her bill, S. 1701, The Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Act has been passed by the Commerce Committee and is ready for Senate action (a HABs related bill is also ready for action in the House).  One last push from Senator Snowe could result in this good bill becoming a law, helping all Maine citizens who depend on healthy oceans.