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The oceans need a strong political voice in Washington, D.C.  We’re it.

As the only ocean group to endorse and support candidates for congress, Ocean Champions’ model is unique.  And it is working!

By helping determine who wins, we are building a pro-ocean Congress with leaders who know us, respect us, and share our goals.  This enables us to get results.

We’ve helped give the oceans a voice on Capitol Hill.  Now, we need you to help make that voice even stronger by joining Ocean Champions today.

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Sea Turtle

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Sea Otter

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Bluefin Tuna

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Same as $250 + Ocean Champions Stainless Steel Travel Mug



Same as $500 + We’ll profile you in our blog (unless you wish to remain anonymous)


Oceans 11 Premier Club

Same as $1,000 + annual in person meeting with Ocean Champions’ leadership

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