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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

Dear Friend,

With the current political climate as unpredictable as our winter weather, Ocean Champions is moving to get out ahead of the 2014 election storm front.

And we’re glad we're doing so because there’s nothing wiser than arriving early to a race. Especially if you have a champion running in that race, as we do in New Hampshire - with incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen, running against Scott Brown, the carpet-bagging former Senator from Massachusetts.

While Brown has been setting his sights on the Granite State, Ocean Champions is setting our sights on making sure the voters of New Hampshire knew exactly who they’d be getting if they buy into Brown. In late February and early March we purchased a statewide radio buy promoting Senator Shaheen and exposing Brown for who he is: “one of Big Oil’s biggest advocates.”  The ad earned a positive notice in veteran political columnist John DiStaso’s weekly political update in the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Proof of our effectiveness is in the polls: A Rasmussen poll released on Monday, March 17th places Senator Jeanne Shaheen ahead of Brown by nine points, and an American Research Group poll puts Shaheen even further in front - 50 to 38. Whatever the numbers, Ocean Champions succeeded in helping make this race an uphill climb for Scott Brown.  We’re now poised to build on this success and continue tilting the electoral playing fields towards our ocean champions and away from Ocean Enemies.

Now, as national political attention turns to the fight for control of the United States Senate, it's important to note that ocean champions already fill one-fifth of the seats in the Senate, a number we hope to hold or increase in November.

One of our strongest champions is Senator Mark Begich (D-AK), chair of the Oceans Subcommittee. Senator Begich has led the charge on key ocean legislation, including his bill to combat illegal fishing on the high seas, and in the fight to protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed from the massive pebble mine open pit mining project that would threaten one of the world’s greatest remaining salmon fisheries.

Meanwhile, our key list of “Ocean Enemies” has for the moment been winnowed down from three to one thanks to the impending retirement of Congressmen Doc Hastings (WA-4) and John Runyan (NJ-3). This allows us to fully target “Ocean Enemy # 1”, Congressman Steve Southerland (FL-2).

This year, the chances of defeating this "Ocean Enemy" is better than ever, thanks to his opponent, Gwen Graham, daughter of former Governor and Senator Bob Graham. She’s running an outstanding campaign and has all the markings of becoming a true ocean champion.  You’ll hear more about Graham’s candidacy from us very soon.

Our overall 2014 goal is to help elect 50 ocean champions in November – the most ever in a single election.  With your help, we will reach this goal by running aggressive, effective ads, expanding and fully engaging our PAC, and stepping up at strategic times to help buoy the good guys and sink the bad guys.
As the folks up in New Hampshire like to say, “you can’t get there from here,” which, I imagine, is how candidates feel in the thick of the election fight. But we will get there from here, thanks to your enthusiasm and generous support.

I am looking forward to working closely with you in the year ahead, our oceans are depending on us.

Elections Matter,

David Wilmot, Ph.D.
President and Co-Founder

P.S. We've got a big agenda for this election year, please consider a gift to Ocean Champions today.

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