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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

Dear Friend,

Spring has always been a time of growth and renewed hope. Shaking off the heavy mantle of winter, I find spring blooming with possibilities. This notion makes me smile. Fishermen, surfers and other ocean enthusiasts in northwest Florida's 2nd district are smiling even broader and overflowing with hope because they finally have an ocean champion on the ballot: Gwen Graham.

A Florida native, and daughter of the state’s retired U.S. Senator and Governor Bob Graham, Gwen is a former environmental attorney with a deep understanding of the district and its residents, including the relationship between its economy and healthy ocean and coastal resources. Like her father, she is passionate about the Apalachicola River and Bay system in Florida and has made it her number one environmental priority.

Gwen will work to replace the bluster and bickering that have become hallmarks of Capitol Hill with constructive, cooperative progress toward workable solutions to the vast array of problems facing the Gulf and the rest of America’s coasts and oceans.  She will seek to create unlikely partnerships and achieve cross-aisle success for the oceans and her constituents.

This attitude is a stark contrast to Graham’s opponent, incumbent Tea Party darling, Steve Southerland (R-FL-2). The only thing better than helping an ocean champion win an election is the joy we feel when that ocean champion is unseating an Ocean Enemy, and Southerland is the big kahuna of baddies, Ocean Enemy #1.

Ocean Champions is proud to endorse Gwen Graham, a candidate who has a fundamental understanding of the value of healthy ocean and coastal resources, born of a life-long dedication to the people and places of northern Florida’s vibrant Gulf shores.

After a long harsh winter, it’s time to start thinking about heading back to the beach. With your support, Ocean Champions will help elect candidates like Gwen Graham, who will protect our precious coastal resources.

See you at the seashore,

David Wilmot, Ph.D.
President and Co-Founder

P.S.  We’re working harder than ever to win the fight to build an ocean majority in Congress.  Tell your friends to join our email list and to consider a contribution today so that they’ll know how to “vote the ocean” too!


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