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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

Dear Friend,

It stands to reason that the closer you live to the ocean, the more you'll care about it. And by that logic, it's no surprise that Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-ME-1) is one of our most dedicated ocean champions. She makes her home on the island of North Haven, about 10 miles offshore and fully surrounded by the waters of Maine's Penobscot Bay. It is this life lived by the sea that has made her such a tireless and passionate advocate for the oceans and economically robust coastal communities in her first two terms representing southern Maine on Capitol Hill.

Since she was first elected to the seat previously held by former ocean champion Tom Allen, Congresswoman Pingree has made ocean and fisheries issues a top priority. Inspired by many neighbors who make their living lobstering along Maine's rocky shores, she has led the charge to protect working waterfront infrastructure from being priced out of coastal locations by pressures of higher-value real estate development. And she has cosponsored and promoted a multitude of bills aimed at ensuring our nation’s fisheries can be managed sustainably with the support of perpetually improving scientific data.

"You can't separate the ecology of our oceans and the economy of our coastal communities," Congresswoman Pingree said. "But now the oceans are under threat on many fronts, and now more than ever we have to work together to protect them. Policy makers, researchers, and above all those who make their living from the sea need to pull together to make sure we take good care of this resource."

And Congresswoman Pingree is backing up her words with action. From combatting the adverse ocean effects of climate change to helping lead the charge on enactment of Harmful Algal Bloom legislation in June to playing defense by blocking passage of an anti-catch shares amendment offered by Ocean Enemy #1, Congressman Steve Southerland (R-FL-2), Pingree has proven to be one of the most effective ocean advocates in Congress.

We're thrilled to have her on Ocean Champions' team and proud to support her bid for a third term in Congress. As they're fond of saying Downeast, Chellie Pingree is the "finest kind."

For the oceans,

David Wilmot, Ph.D.
President and Co-Founder

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