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August 17, 2006

Dear Friend,

We hope you are as energized as we are by recent political events. Last week, 3 incumbents lost to their challengers – in a primary!

While whispers of a political sea change have been heard for months, the voices are getting louder. In fact, several leading political handicappers are now predicting a significant political “wave” will wash out many incumbents in November.

While anti-incumbent fever should work in our favor in our Sink Pombo Campaign and in our efforts to elect Rep. Ed Case (D-Hi.) to the U.S. Senate seat in Hawaii, it also presents challenges as we work to make sure incumbents who champion ocean conservation return to the U.S. Congress.

Today we are announcing our third round of endorsements. This group of 5 incumbents includes a mix of Republicans and Democrats, established and emerging ocean conservation leaders, and a couple of House members who are in very close races:


John BarrowRep. John Barrow
District: Georgia 12th
Key Coastal Communities
: Savannah
: Democratic
: 1st
Key Committees
: Agriculture
: House Oceans Caucus
Leadership: Rep. Barrow has been a long-time clean-water advocate since his days as a Clarke County/Athens Commissioner. He was one of only two Democrats to oust a sitting Republican in 2004, and has gone on to be one of the first Democratic cosponsors of H.R. 1431, the Fisheries Science and Management Enhancement Act of 2005.

Clay ShawRep. Clay Shaw
District: Florida 22
Key Coastal Communities
: Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach
: Republican
Terms: 13th
Key Committees: 2nd in line on Ways & Means
: Founder & Co-Chair, International Conservation Caucus
: Rep. Shaw is a tireless advocate of protecting the Everglades and Florida’s marine environment. He has co-sponsored numerous ocean conservation bills, and introduced both the Everglades Restoration Act and the Bottom Trawl and Deep Sea Coral Habitat Act. He is a leading opponent of efforts to lift the moratorium on offshore drilling. He is chairman of the bipartisan Florida Congressional delegation.

Hilda SolisRep. Hilda Solis
California 32
Key Coastal Communities: Los Angeles
Party: Democratic
Terms: 3rd
Key Committees: Energy & Commerce
Caucuses: House Coastal Caucus
Leadership: Rep. Solis is a committed clean-water advocate, and has consistently voted to uphold the moratorium on new offshore oil & gas drilling.


LugarSen. Richard Lugar
State: Indiana
Party: Republican
Terms: 5th
Key Committees: Foreign Relations (Chair)
Leadership: As Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Lugar has been the foremost advocate for adoption of the Law of the Sea Treaty, which is vitally important for conserving oceans in international waters. Sen. Lugar’s continued leadership will be necessary to break the logjam on this treaty in the Senate.

NelsonSen. Bill Nelson
State: Florida
Party: Democratic
Terms: 1st
Key Committees: Commerce, Science & Transportation
Leadership: Sen. Nelson has led the charge in the Senate against repeal of the moratorium on offshore drilling, and recently helped engineer a compromise on a Gulf drilling bill passed in the Senate that will permanently protect the vast majority of Florida’s coast from new drilling.

Please remember that Ocean Champions is the only political organization for the oceans. Our unique structure allows us to help ensure that great candidates such as these can return to Congress or get elected for the first time.

And as you know, we need them all if we are going to have the leadership in Congress that will protect and restore our oceans.

By supporting Ocean Champions, you ensure that we can continue to build the leadership we need to protect our oceans. Please contribute today:


For the oceans,

Jack K. Sterne, Esq.
Executive Director

David Wilmot, Ph.D.

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