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January 17, 2008

Dear Friend,

We're on a mission. You, and your friends, are the key to our success.

You're busy. We know. But we also know how important our work is to you. We need to accomplish a few things that depend upon your help. In 2008 we must:
  • Double the community of Ocean Champions, like yourself, from 7,000 to 14,000 people;
  • Increase our membership to 1,000 Champs.
Lofty? You bet. But when you consider the goals and actions of Ocean Champions, it's really a small step to get big results. We must achieve the necessary political clout, only shown in numbers of supporters, that sends a loud message to politicians that we mean business -- that we represent a lot of people who care deeply about the health of the ocean. That we're watching their activities and policy in relation to ocean health. And that it is high time we place political priority on the health of the oceans that support so much of our lives.

If you have friends and relatives who love the ocean, who are not already a 'Champ', we invite you to invite them to our community.

As an extra incentive we have teamed up with Playa Viva, a gorgeous sustainable resort and residence community In Zihuatanejo, Mexico. You, and the friends you invite, could potentially win a week stay here. Playa Viva allows you to experience first hand what it means to enjoy the ocean in sustainable luxury.

We thank you for this small action that will bring such BIG results to our mission.

For the oceans,

The Ocean Champions Team

P.S. Hey, we take donations, too! Our policy is that there is no donation too small, or too big. We GRATEFULLY accept every bit you send our way.

Contributions to Ocean Champions are not tax deductible and may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates.

For more information or questions about Ocean Champions, e-mail info@oceanchampions.org.
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