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February 5, 2008

Dear Friend,

LESS THAN $10,000 TO GO!
Primary Date: Feb 12

In just 3 weeks you have raised $40,000 toward our $50,000 goal for our Gilchrest Campaign.

Now, we are launching a 'Get Out The Vote' Campaign in this final week of the race!


Help Our Campaign.

"By tapping American ingenuity and working with free market forces, the technological and economic benefits of a new, clean and sustainable energy policy are limitless." - Wayne Gilchrest

Gilchrest protects our national treasures from destructive oil drilling.

Rep. Gilchrest places a high priority on clean and sustainable energy policies while protecting our greatest treasures from the destruction caused by unnecessary oil drilling. Here's how:

  • Rep. Gilchrest fought for Bristol Bay! Known as one of the most productive ecosystems on the planet (providing 40% of our nation's annual seafood catch), Bristol Bay has been under assault by the Bush Administration, who threatened to lift the presidential prohibition on oil and gas drilling. Gilchrest co-sponsored the Bristol Bay Protection Act (HR1957), which would permanently prohibit oil and gas leasing in Bristol Bay (Despite this difference of opinion, Bush has endorsed Gilchrest as the Republican candidate for MD).

  • Rep. Gilchrest protects our coastlines from oil drilling - When Rep. Richard Pombo tried to push through a bill that would open America's coastlines to new oil and gas development, Rep. Gilchrest stood firm against this insidious bill (Remember how you helped in that effort, too? Over 2500 of you signed our petition to oppose the bill, and over 1,000 of you contacted your Representative. YAY YOU!).

  • Rep. Gilchrest Co-sponsored HR 39, the Arctic Wilderness Act - this act permanently protects The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling, by designating it as a national wilderness area. Read Gilchrest's position on oil drilling in the Arctic.

  • Here's how you can help keep Gilchrest in Congress

    1. Support Ocean Champions TODAY. Every dollar that comes in this week is going to help Gilchrest, with our 'Get Out The Vote' Campaign. Donate online, it's easy.

    2. SPREAD THE WORD! Got friends and family who love the oceans? Forward this email. Let them know how important our Ocean Champion Gilchrest is. Helping Gilchrest win benefits EVERY coastal district.

    3. GET OUT THE VOTE. Do you have friends or family that live in Maryland's First District? (It includes the Eastern shore of Maryland, parts of Baltimore, Annapolis, Ocean City... See Map) Let them know what a difference their vote will make!

    4. VOTE! Are you a Maryland First District Republican? Take a Coastal Creed - "...Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep me from getting out to vote for Gilchrest on Feb. 12."

    For the oceans,

    The Ocean Champions Team

    P.S. Have you entered our Playa Viva trip to mexico contest?

    Contributions to Ocean Champions are not tax deductible and may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates.

    For more information or questions about Ocean Champions, e-mail info@oceanchampions.org.
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