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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

...and, our membership is not keeping up!

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Dear Friend,

There are many wonderful people, like you, who regularly gain unique and important political updates about ocean health from us.  They share your keen interest in the only political voice for the oceans, that ONLY we provide.  What may surprise you is the small percentage of our followers who are actual members of Ocean Champions.  Brace yourself... it's only 5%.

The entire point here is not how low our membership base is.  Rather, how AMAZING it is we get so much accomplished with so few paid members.  I mean come on... it's only $25 we're talking here.  Yes, it's great that this past year you have written 10,000 letters to your representatives!  You have helped move OCEANS-21 past the first critical stage, and one step closer to becoming reality.  And, over the years, you have helped us to elect 20 Ocean Champions into Congress. 

But, imagine what we could do with 20% more of us working together!

We need to raise our level of  membership support, and we need to raise it FAST!

Here's what you can do today to ensure the election of representatives who prioritize our connection to a healthy ocean:

At a time when voters are more energized than ever before, your help in raising the priority of ocean health in Washington DC makes a HUGE difference.  

Please join our community today.  We simply cannot do this work without you and it's never been more important.

For The Oceans,

The Ocean Champions Team

P.S.  Join in the conversation at the Ocean Champions blog today!

David Wilmot, Ph.D., President & Co-founder of Ocean Champions addresses Women's Democratic Club

Jack Sterne, Leon Panetta & David Wilmot

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