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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

Dear Friend,

Sure.  The lines will be long.  It may be cold.  It may be rainy.  The voting clerks may be grumpy.  But, is it worth it?  YOU BET IT IS!

With so much at stake, it's definitely worth it.  And, it's times like this when Ocean Champs show their stuff.  You paid close attention to our endorsement announcements.  You provided us with enough funding for our candidates to place that last ad that may make all the difference.  You have passed our message along to friends and family, raising the priority of ocean health at the highest level of our government.

While this is all good, it's not the finish line. Making it to that poll in your neighborhood is where it all comes together.  We have 34 candidates in the House and Senate that we've strongly endorsed. Ocean leaders who place a higher priority on the health of our environment.  A higher priority on the health of our oceans.  Ultimately, a higher priority on the health of our family.  

Please vote.  If you have a friend, or neighbor, struggling to get to the polls-help them out.  Volunteer.  Do everything you can tomorrow to make votes happen.  This is the most important election of our lifetime.  It's our chance to show the world what matters most to us.

Vote For The Oceans,

The Ocean Champions Team

P.S.  Not sure where to vote?  Check this out!  Please share your favorite voting story with us.



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From our 2008 Election Survey, here are the races that you are following the closest:

Rep. Sam Farr (D-17th CA): 30.00%

Frank Kratovil (D-1st MD): 25.00%

Nick Leibham (D-50th CA): 25.00%

Rep. John Barrow (D-12th GA): 20.00%

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Contributions to Ocean Champions are not tax deductible and may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates.

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