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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

Dear Friend,

Well, it certainly feels as though we've weathered some treacherous seas over the past several years, and have finally landed on shore.  Because of you, we feel especially grateful for this successful election season. We've got a lot to be grateful for in terms of our win/loss record (28 of 34), and the relationships we've built throughout the election.  We're fortunate to have several new Champions to welcome to Congress.

And, just like the Pilgrims before us, we've got our work cut out for us-- we're all going to have to pitch-in and focus on our key priorities: reforming the broken system of ocean governance, allocating more funding into critical ocean needs such as red tide research and other harmful algal blooms, and passing comprehensive climate change legislation.  None of this will happen without all of us championing the shared vision of a healthier planet for our families.  We can do this.  

Indeed, while some feel nothing is more important than fighting for a healthier planet, at Ocean Champions, we're reminded that this fight is meaningless without our family and friends. At this particular time, it's important to reach out and help those who are in need.  Please lend a hand, however you can, this Thanksgiving.  The ocean sunrise is much sweeter when shared with others.

In Gratitude,

The Oceans Champions Team

P.S. - Here's a great article from last week discussing our plans for next year: Marine advocates look to new leadership to advance lengthy agenda.

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