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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

Dear Friend,

We get up extra early on a cold winter morning.  We race to the Christmas tree to see what Santa brought.  We rifle through the pile of presents.  Ribbons, bows and paper flying everywhere.  The dog's jumping.  We exclaim, "will you look at this?", as we try to figure out who thought giving you this was a good idea?

And, then… what?  30 minutes later the thrill diminishes.  Sometimes the toys are already broken.  The sweaters that don't fit, and skates that are too tight, go into the 'exchange' pile.

And, we're left wondering, "…why?"

Hey Champs, we've got just the thing to beat those mid-morning-post-present-holiday-blues.  This holiday season, GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTHY OCEANS!

In this economy, it's so important we make every dollar really count.  And, what could be more important than protecting the beautiful blue that covers more than half our planet?

For only $25 you can give your loved ones and friends an annual membership to the only political voice for ocean health.  Let your loved ones know that, in their name, you insist ocean health be a higher priority in Congress.

Your support of Ocean Champions is a commitment to pristine beaches, clean ocean waters, and abundant fish and wildlife for the generations to come.  What could be a better present than that?

May you also have joy and peace this holiday season.

For The Oceans,

The Oceans Champions Team

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Contributions to Ocean Champions are not tax deductible and may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates.

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