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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

Dear Friend,

The oceans inspire great passion and affection from many different groups.  As a result, oceans are the hub of wide social networks that stretch across surfers, sailors, fishermen, swimmers and beachcombers.  We form bonds with the ocean and with each other.  We share a culture and common experiences, and we all want to protect the thing that unites us.

As a part of this community, we at Ocean Champions get to learn from our friends and fellow ocean lovers on a daily basis.  But, we haven't been able to hear the passions, priorities and concerns of the wider ocean network.

Until now.

Web 2.0 social networking tools bring people together from all around the world and from all parts of society.  Starting today, Ocean Champions is joining the conversation.  We've launched a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Change.org, and yes, we'll even be Tweeting from time to time.  This'll let us get you inside information much more quickly and creatively.  More importantly, however, it'll allow you to share your ideas, concerns and hopes with us and with the rest of the community.

So, please join Ocean Champions' new social networks.  Talk about what's important to you.  Start a wave by asking your friends and family who care about the oceans to do the same, and we can all join together to form a diverse but unified voice for the oceans!

For the oceans,

The Ocean Champions' Team

P.S. Champs, you can also check out OC's latest news by surfing our blog.  And, check out our expanded membership benefits!

Here are the links to our social networking tools:

Ocean Champions Facebook Page

 Ocean Champions LinkedIn Page

 Ocean Champions Change.org Page

Ocean Champions Twitter Page

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