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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

Happy World Ocean Day Friend!

On Ocean Day we recognize the critical role the oceans play in our very survival.  Many of you are aware of the immense impact the oceans have on our lives in terms of food, medicine, climate regulation and even oxygen production.  However, the oceans play another important role for all of us - one that is less important to our survival, but is fundamental to how we experience the natural world.  Indeed, the oceans let us:

  • Sit on a beach watching waves break while holding hands with the love of your life
  • Take the drop on a wave just slightly beyond your ability, hit the bottom and turn back up the face while looking down the line, pumped with adrenaline because you made it
  • Watch children play in the surf - hearing their laughter and feeling yet another generation make an emotional connection to the sea
  • Feel the wind and ocean spray on your face as you sail through open water
  • Float weightlessly in paradise as you dive with great ocean fish amongst thriving corals

This list could go on forever, but you know that.  In fact, if you're receiving this you already know a lot about the ocean and its issues.  So on World Ocean Day, take the time to share your love for the ocean with the people you know who aren't as connected as you. Encourage them to:

  • Use less plastic, recycle more, drive less (walk more), eat sustainable seafood, and do all the simple things that directly impact the ocean 
  • Engage in ocean politics to drive the changes needed at the national level to ensure healthy oceans and coasts for the long term
  • Join Ocean Champions, the political voice of the ocean.  On World Ocean Day, let's become stronger as we fight this fight together!

…and make sure you do these things too!

For the oceans,

The Ocean Champions Team

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