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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

Dear Friend,

Friday, February 12th is it... the last day to urge the Obama administration to adopt a strong framework for effective coastal and ocean planning that will give us the tools to protect, maintain and restore the health of our coasts and oceans.  We believe that a strong national ocean policy with a framework for effective coastal and marine spatial planning will benefit the ocean, people who have a passionate connection to it, and all those who depend on it for their livelihood.

Copy (control C) the sample message below and paste it (control V) on the Council of Environmental Quality's website (link here).  Please personalize the first few lines of your comment to make your support more powerful.

As a citizen who is concerned about the health of our ocean and coasts, I commend you for your tireless work to develop a unifying national ocean policy and an effective coastal and marine spatial planning (CMSP) framework to maintain, protect, and restore our remarkable coastal and ocean environments.

The Interim Framework includes many elements that are essential to the success of CMSP, including an emphasis on ecosystem-based management and a call to use a precautionary approach and address cumulative impacts.

I urge you to strengthen the Framework further before it is finalized. Protecting, maintaining, and restoring ecosystem health should be made a priority. Issues like dead zones, unsustainable fishing, short-sighted oil and gas development, and the destruction of coastal wetlands threaten all of us who value it and rely on its resources. We need a national ocean policy that will require coordinated management that addresses multiple issues at the same time.

Finally, please build on the Task Force's important work by issuing an Executive Order to protect, maintain, and restore the health of ocean ecosystems and advance CMSP. Such an action would make great strides toward leaving a "blue" legacy.

After sending your message to the White House, please take a moment to ask your friends, family and colleagues to take action as well.  We need an army of voices!

For the oceans,

The Ocean Champions Team

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