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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

Dear Friend,

On Earth Day we recommit to the stewardship responsibilities we share for the planet.  Of course, the Earth happens to be 71% ocean, and that 71% is the life support system for the rest of the planet.  It regulates climate and temperature and provides half the oxygen we breathe.  Unfortunately, our oceans are under attack, and ocean acidification, coral bleaching, toxic algae, dead zones, overfishing, and marine debris are some of the frightening results.

So today, let's ask ourselves what we want our ocean legacy to be.

Envision a thriving ocean supporting an immense diversity of life from plankton to major fisheries to the largest marine mammals.  Imagine clean coastal waters, healthy bays and estuaries, and clear fresh water lakes.  Pristine, healthy corals abound and garbage patches of plastic debris become smaller and smaller.  In this world, surfers, sailors, divers, fishermen and all others who have a direct and passionate connection to the ocean are ecstatic.  Their experience with the ocean is unspoiled and awe inspiring.

This scenario may seem far-fetched but it is reachable.  What would move us in the right direction?
  • A commitment to lower impact lifestyles,
  • Incentives for entrepreneurs to pursue environmentally friendly businesses, and
  • Pro-ocean government.
Ocean Champions' mission since 2004 has been to build a pro-ocean Congress, and it is working.  With the strength of the ocean community behind us, we've been able to make ocean issues resonate on Capitol Hill, and we feel the ocean's political power continuing to grow.  There are and will be occasional setbacks, but the tide is surging.  To accelerate change, we need your help.  Empower the ocean's voice on Capitol Hill by joining or donating to Ocean Champions today.  Finally, continue to engage in elections and vote the ocean - it really matters!  Together, we can make the healthy ocean vision a reality.

Happy Earth Day,

The Ocean Champions Team

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