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Join Ocean Champions, Surfrider Santa Cruz, Save Our Shores, Blue Frontier Campaign and other supporters as we welcome Margo Pellegrino to Santa Cruz next Tuesday! Bring some munchies, a beach chair/beach gear (in case she's not exactly on time - subject to ocean conditions), bumper-stickers for Margo's boat, beachwear (blue preferred) and a readiness to celebrate our seas and those who defend them.

When: Tuesday, August 24 starting at 12:30 and on…
Where: Santa Cruz Harbor beach, in front of the Crow's Nest

Margo Pellegrino's Pacific Paddle - Seattle to San Diego

Margo Pellegrino does what many who care about the environment do.  She picks up trash in her community and participates in beach cleanups several times a year.  She considers the environmental impacts of her decisions, and she instills environmental stewardship in her children. And then there's this little thing:

About two months a year, this 43-year-old mother of two paddles long stretches of America's coastline in a small outrigger canoe, in what has become her personal ocean conservation campaign.  She paddles into communities to call attention to the threats facing our ocean and what we must do to heal it.  She paddled over 2,000 miles from Miami to Camden, Maine in the summer of 2007.  She followed that trip with a "short" 500 mile trip from New Jersey's Long Beach Island to Washington D.C in 2008 and a 1,500 mile trip from Florida's Atlantic coast around the Gulf of Mexico into New Orleans in 2009 to highlight the challenges of ocean pollution (that became starkly apparent with the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster).

This summer she is paddling the Pacific coast - from Seattle to San Diego as a project of the Blue Frontier Campaign. Blue Frontier Campaign is a marine conservation group working to unify ocean constituencies to promote effective solutions to the many problems facing our public seas.  One of its books '50 Ways to Save the Ocean,' helped inspire Margo to begin her paddles.

Margo entered California in early August and is now heading toward the Bay area.  It hasn't been easy and she's already had her share of big swells, rough beach landings, and unplanned layovers. Nonetheless she's having a great time and her blog is full of stories about the kindness of strangers and the beauty of the places she's traveling through.  Margo's journey is tracked online at www.seattle2sandiego.com where broadcasts of her current location as she paddles can be found.    


Chris Laughlin, Ocean Champions

Alternate Contact:

Dustin Macdonald, Surfrider Santa Cruz

For the oceans,

The Ocean Champions Team

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