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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

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Ocean Champions is non-partisan and believes that ocean health should be a priority for each party.  Ideally, Members will put ideological differences aside and work together to find common ground solutions to the problems plaguing our oceans and coasts.  A great example of this exists in New Jersey, and Ocean Champions is proud to announce our endorsements of Congressmen Leonard Lance (R NJ-7) and John Adler (D NJ-3).

Congressmen Leonard Lance
(R NJ-7)
Congressman John Adler
(D NJ-3)

While they have different views on broader policy issues, these two House freshmen have similar priorities when it comes to ocean health.  When he was a New Jersey state Senator, Congressman Lance was seen as one of the state's strongest environmentalists, and he has continued to support important ocean conservation initiatives in Congress.  Congressman Adler's district has the state's second longest coastline, making healthy oceans a key concern for tourism, jobs and recreation.

In the 111th Congress, both Representatives helped pass measures to preserve key species and threatened habitat.  They supported bills to protect sea otters and marine turtles, and protected key coastal habitat by voting for the Clean Estuaries Act.   Both also helped pass into law the Omnibus Public Land Management Act, which funds the purchase of coastal areas with important ecological value, and establishes a program to monitor and research ocean acidification - perhaps the biggest threat to ocean habitat that exists.

Both men also recognize that the same greenhouse gasses causing ocean acidification are also a threat to climate, and once again agreed on a solution.  Congressman Lance was one of only eight Republicans to support the Waxman-Markey climate bill, helping it to pass the House, along with Congressman Adler who also voted in favor.  While this measure failed in the Senate, we are confident that bringing back Congressmen Adler and Lance means bringing back two Members who will continue to seek solutions to this problem.

It is worth noting that in his primary, Congressman Lance defeated a climate change denier who attacked him for supporting Waxman-Markey, while Congressman Adler is up against a drill-baby-drill opponent in the general.  Mr. Adler's opponent, Jon Runyan, favors additional offshore drilling and believes the myth of "clean coal."  Mr. Runyan appears to be running mostly on a platform of "I used to play for the Eagles."  Unfortunately, wearing a green uniform to work doesn't make you a good choice for the planet.

Congressmen Lance and Adler ARE good choice for the planet, and for the oceans, and are the best candidates to represent NJ-7 and NJ-3 respectively.

For the oceans,

The Ocean Champions Team

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