I formally announced my campaign for Governor on September 21, 2009 during a 3-day, 13 media market tour. We rolled out my comprehensive Pledging Allegiance to Texas Public Schools preK-12 education plan. Most importantly, we also generated an incredible amount of earned media, in large part because I am the only candidate--Democrat or Republican--willing to put detailed policy proposals on the table.

The media is taking our campaign very seriously. We lead the Democratic field in communications, organization, and rapid response. I am making calls daily to raise the money needed to see this fight through to the end. But I need your help. To win the Democratic Primary I need to raise $3-5 million.

Your commitment to my campaign is important. I pledge to you that I will rally the Democratic base, independents, and moderate Republicans to vote for Democratic judicial, state representative, and down ballot nominees.  Together, we can win the Governor's office back for the people and put Texas back on the Road to Prosperity.

Your contribution of as little as $10 helps my campaign get the message out that there is a real Texas Democrat in this race who is running to actually make Texas better.

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