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Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd stood up to Bill O'Reilly's tireless attacks on the progressive blogosphere and defended the democratic right to free speech in his appearance on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor." O'Reilly had launched a smear campaign against the political blog DailyKos, by selectively choosing a handful of objectionable comments out of the millions posted on the site and attempting to characterize the entire community with them. Dodd successfully exposed O'Reilly's hypocrisy, referring to offensive comments O'Reilly has made in the past including when O'Reilly suggested that Al Qaeda "go ahead" and "blow up" Coit Tower in San Francisco. [The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly, 11/8/05]

"I hope that our discussion today reminds Bill that a free press is at the very heart of this nation's values. The blogosphere is enormous - and to exploit such a tiny fraction of it in such a way is ludicrous, especially considering that Bill himself has said some things in the past that he may not want distorted... Democrats aren't going to be lectured to about the crudeness of language or civility of discourse by Bill O'Reilly." --Senator Dodd

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