Because people like you have supported The Nation, I've been able to do the important work I enjoy.  I appreciate that.  So I'm asking you to become a Nation Associate today.

May is membership month here at The Nation.  The truth is this magazine faces a hostile environment and a million dollar deficit.  So we rely on our Nation Associates to help us close that gap.  Their donations represent more than 20% of all of our revenues.

Here's what your Nation Associates gift helps support:

  • *$35 buys me dinner with a confidential source in New York
  • *$75 pays for an interpreter for a reporter researching a story in Afghanistan
  • *$150 covers an Amtrak ticket to Washington so a writer can testify before Congress
  • *$300 buys a labor reporter's ticket to Detroit for a piece on unemployment
  • *$500 (expenses extra) rewards a brilliant article by a young journalist on Tehran dissidents

Our Nation Associates are what makes The Nation the independent antidote to mainstream corporate media.  Without their contributions, we'd be lost in difficult times like these.  Won't you join them?

Christopher Hayes
Nation Washington Editor

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