Well-equipped minds have no trouble countering an increasingly dangerous, racist and radical right wing.  And, unlike any other magazine in America, The Nation's unique Student Outreach Program equips students to question... think... and seek the truth.

We want to grow every aspect of our Student Outreach Program ... including expanding our Student Essay contest, beefing up our Student Nation webpage, hosting more students at our Student Journalism Conferences, and aggressively marketing our Classroom Education Program.

With a million dollar deficit, thanks to a $600,000 postal increase and plummeting ad revenues, without your urgent help this valuable program is in danger of shutting down.

Donate today and we'll send you information on how to join a special donors-only conference call with Kristina Rizga, executive editor of WireTap (an online political youth magazine) and project director of Future5000.com, along with Nation associate publisher Peter Rothberg.

All it takes to keep this going strong is the one thing the right supplies to its forces in such overwhelming quantity and that is, for us, in such short supply....funding.  Please make a donation today.

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