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Nancy Pelosi, M.I.A.

Posted by Cindy Sheehan  

12:00 PM Oct 25, 2008

Cindy for Congress demanded that Nancy Pelosi debate her opponents in a face to face debate. As of today, of course, her campaign has ignored our requests.

When we have run into her staff out in the city (twice), the response has been: "no answer, yet." When we call her office, as hundreds of people have, we get the run around.

Nancy Pelosi has not held a town hall meeting here in the district since 2006. She did come here once a few months ago to hawk her book, but since then: nothing.

Nancy Pelosi is obviously running out the clock on debate like she ran out the clock on impeachment. We feel that it is imperative for her to publicly answer for her record and show some respect for her constituents and the democratic process. We believe that leadership takes the courage to face challenges, not run from them like Nancy Pelosi has.

Cindy sat for an Editorial Review Board at the SF Chronicle (that either coddles Pelosi, ignores our campaign, or ridicules it), and talked at length about economics and peace. So far, there has been no intelligent, thoughtful or non-biased reporting of that meeting.  Cindy for Congress has been forced to buy our own mainstream media spots to get our message out.

Recent polls show that 86% of people in this district feel "worse off" then they did two years ago and according to a recent California Field Poll, Pelosi has only a 32% approval rating here in San Francisco.

Don't you agree that Pelosi needs to answer for her record on important issues that are compromising our lives and our district? Non-impeachment, Consitutional debasement, torture, war, spying, offshore drilling, corporate welfare, economic emergencies, ethics questions, privatization, gentrification, affordable housing, education, mass transit, energy costs, etc are some of the many challenges and crises facing us today.

Cindy is always on the side of the people.

Nancy is always on the side of the people who are corporate elitists.

We have 10 days left until the election. Please help us get our message out.

Please donate. See our recent ad here.

We also need canvassers, phone callers, envelope stuffers, or anything else you can help with.

Email: to volunteer to help.

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