Big business plays fast and loose with the private details of our lives, collecting and sharing our personal information without our permission -- in the process making it far too easy for hackers to steal. Government agencies overstep their boundaries, snooping on law-abiding Americans without justification.

Do you agree that corporations have gone too far in gathering our financial and medical information, our locations and online activities, and other sensitive data -- without our consent? It's time to say "enough!" Help us build a movement of everyday people who insist on putting our privacy first.

Join the Privacy Revolt.

Our goals:

  • Shine a light on business and government privacy abuses.
  •  Mobilize Americans to stand up for privacy protection.
  • Enact strong laws that safeguard our privacy rights.

Our message is: Ask our permission first, before collecting or sharing the intimate details of our lives.

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Privacy Revolt is a project of the non-profit Consumer Federation of California. CFC helped win the nation’s strongest medical, financial and telecommunications privacy laws and safeguards against identity theft.

The profit motive in the new tech economy threatens our privacy in ways we could not have imagined a decade ago. The next few years may well determine whether personal privacy becomes a nostalgic memory. Privacy Revolt is a campaign for national solutions. The time to act is now.

Do you want to be part of a new movement to keep strangers' hands off of our personal information? Sign up.

Have questions about how we’ll work to enact privacy rules? We’d love to hear from you!