Current and Past Actions

Act now to protect our online privacy (Action has ended)
A big victory that many of you helped win is on the chopping block. Last year, the Federal Communications Commission adopted rules that let consumers decide whether broadband internet access providers may give strangers our personal information about our online activities. AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and other broadband providers are lobbying hard to eliminate these rules before they take effect. We need to stop them. 

Cell Phone Privacy Survey (Action has ended)
In 2013, we asked the California Public Utilities Commission to create cell phone privacy rules. The Commission rejected our petition, and said we didn’t prove that cell phone privacy was a problem - but that they may reconsider if we demonstrated that privacy violations are a concern. With new Commissioners appointed, we are conducting this survey to help provide the evidence that the Commission said it needed to take action on this issue. Your personal information is confidential.