Sponsored by Friends of Don Siegelman 2008

Thank you so much for emailing your Member of Congress, urging them to support a contempt resolution against Karl Rove in the
U.S. House of Representatives. (If you're seeing this page but haven't yet emailed Congress, please visit ContemptForRove.com!)

Now I need your help to build even more grassroots support for this important measure.  If we're ever going to get to the bottom
of the politicization of the Department of Justice, and politically-motivated prosecution of Democrats across the country, we've got to
turn up the heat on Karl Rove -- and to do that, we need thousands more people to join us in speaking out.

Please forward an email to your friends and family below -- and urge them to write their Members of Congress as well.  Your
personal invitation will make a huge difference.

Thanks for your help!

Send mail using your own address book.

Enter your information:

Urge Congress to Find Rove in Contempt
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