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Dear friend,
Fantastic news to report this morning.  Last night at least 16 Victory Fund candidates advanced in primaries or won their elections outright.  
From Maine to California, supporters like you helped elect new state, local and judicial candidates who will add vital LGBT voices to government and law.
This is real progress, but we've got our work cut out for us if we're going to make a real run at standing up to anti-gay extremists across the country this year. 

Here's one race that's going to make a big difference.

Dave Coulter is running for the Michigan Senate, where no out senator has ever served.  In fact, Michigan has only had one openly LGBT state legislator - in the State House - and he was termed out a few years ago.  That means right now nobody authentically represents the state's LGBT community in the legislature.  


So it's no surprise that Michigan has no statewide protections for its LGBT citizens.  No employment anti-bias laws.  No hate crimes laws.  No partnership rights for same-sex couples.  The State House has passed LGBT non-discrimination laws, but they've always died in the Senate.
That's where having an openly gay member of the Senate can help, so we need to make sure Dave Coulter wins his crowded Democratic primary on August 3rd.

Dave is a smart, hard-working consensus-builder with deep public service experience.  He'll be a voice for all LGBT Michiganders in the state legislature - a voice they desperately need.

Please support Dave in this all-important primary race today.

Let's keep the extremist establishment on the run this election season.  Let's keep electing honest, openly LGBT leaders like Dave Coulter who'll tell the truth about our families and earn the respect of their colleagues.

You helped us make huge strides last night, but we're not done yet.

Thank you so much for your support.

Yours in Victory,

Chuck Wolfe
Victory Fund President & CEO


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