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Urge USDA to make the following changes to the BCAP Proposed Rule:

1.  Target BCAP Project funding to projects that establish perennial crops and trees, with participating farmers who have a conservation plan approved by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service that addresses soil, water quality, wildlife habitat and other resource concerns.

2.  Give a higher priority to BCAP Projects that include local ownership of the biomass facility, demonstrate local economic benefits, and include the participation of beginning or socially disadvantaged farmers.   
3.  Rein in the wasteful spending on the CHST subsidy.  USDA has handed out more than $500 million dollars in subsidies since June of last year with no regard for the economic or environmental consequences.  The USDA should either:   

a)      Limit CHST subsidies to land where farmers or foresters are participating in BCAP projects to establish new bioenergy trees and crops and require that the conservation or forest plan for the project includes the CHST activities; or

b)      If CHST funding is not limited to BCAP project land, CHST funding should only be allowed for new sources of biomass and only in instances where the biomass allows a bioenergy facility to produce additional renewable energy.  CHST funding should not be used for residues from any crop that is eligible for Farm Bill commodity program payments.

Director of CEPD


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