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Two years ago, when Proposition 8 stripped me of a fundamental right, I learned the hard way that California isn't yet a safe place to be a minority. It was the most painful lesson of my life, and I still battle depression because of it. This election has the potential to make this state much safer, or much more dangerous, for people like me. If Meg Whitman is elected, I fear -- based on her support for Prop. 8 -- that pro-LGBT reforms will stand even less chance than they have under the current governor, who refused to sign any of them. On the other hand, Jerry Brown's record is clear; in his last stint as governor, he decisively and proactively furthered LGBT rights, and his refusal to defend Prop. 8 in court shows that he is still committed to that.

In the past few years I have also seen terrible things happening to the California education system. When I started community college in 2005, as a concurrent high school student, I had no trouble getting into the classes I needed, even though high school students are the last to be allowed to sign up for classes; students who didn't register in time were usually able to add classes the first week. With the repeated failure to pass a budget the past several years, and the cuts to education funding that come with the compromise solutions, this is no longer the case. Whole departments have vanished, as have vital services; so many sections have been cut that every class is over-full and students are turned away; bus passes and parking permits cost twice as much, and tuition has risen steeply, because the school can no longer afford to subsidize them; the teachers have had their pay cut, and still many have lost their jobs. In the current economy, education is critical, but it is woefully underfunded. So you can imagine how stunned I was when I saw a TV ad for Meg Whitman in which she promised to cut "wasteful" spending in the education system, as though somehow all of these cuts aren't enough. Jerry Brown, on the other hand, understands how important our education system is, and I believe that with him in office, we can restore the system to a more functional state.

I believe that Jerry Brown is the leader California needs right now to restore our state's strength and protect its people. Also I think Meg Whitman is scary. And so, because Jerry Brown is relying on the support of people like you and me, (and because Whitman has way too much money and can fund dishonest advertising all day,) I'm joining the Brown campaign, and I hope you'll do the same. If you can give him anything -- whether it's $100, $5, time, energy, or just a signal-boosting link -- I urge you to do so.

The state's future lies in our hands. Let's fight for it.

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