Today we launched our latest ad: where I speak directly to you about the real mess that we're in and what it's going to take to turn this breakdown into a breakthrough. There are no phony plans or snappy slogans -- just some straight talk about putting partisanship aside, coming together as Californians first, and making major changes to build a more prosperous future for our state.

With this new ad, I'm going to raise the stakes on our fundraising goal. Two days ago, after Meg Whitman launched her latest in false attacks, we set an ambitious goal -- $75,000 in 7 days. You responded: we've already raised over $40,000. So, I'm going to raise the stakes: let's increase this goal to $119,000 -- to match the $119 million that Meg Whitman has put into her own campaign and her misleading, consultant-crafted attack ads.

Click here to watch my latest ad and please donate and help us hit this goal.

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