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Our vision is that every student in Washington state has access to an excellent public education that provides the opportunity for success.

To achieve that vision, the League of Education Voters provides strategic, accurate, and timely information to citizens, educators, policymakers, and the media; highlights research-driven educational practices that prepare all students to reach their full potential; and advocates for reforms and revenue to implement the research-based practices in Washington.

Gifts made to the c4 are not tax-deductible and will support the following activities:

  • Engage in the political process by lobbying for and organizing others to lobby for legislation and policies that support an education system that provides every student with a high-quality, fully-funded, and equitable education that prepares them to reach their full potential and to contribute to our democracy and our economy.
  • Support political candidates, elected officials, and policymakers who help achieve our vision.
  • Support and/or sponsor direct initiatives, referendums, or litigation when the legislative process is not furthering our vision for our students.

Your gift helps us work toward our vision that all Washington students receive a high-quality public education that provides the opportunity for success.

Thank you for helping to ensure every child is ready for college and career. Every dollar amount is important and we appreciate your support.

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