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Take Action: Tell the Senate to Support the Freedom to Vote Act!

The fight for voting rights has been a long and enduring battle. And the newly released Freedom to Vote Act  is a transformative voting rights bill that will protect and expand the right to vote, decrease the influence of money in politics and curb partisan gerrymandering. This legislation will put power back into the hands of American voters by prioritizing voting access and participation, while also modernizing future elections to ensure a system that everyone can trust. The Freedom to Vote Act addresses some of the most pressing issues facing our democracy by: 

  • Protecting voting rights;
  • Getting big money out of politics; and
  • Curbing gerrymandering.

For months, the American people have been calling for national standards to protect our freedom to vote, ensure fair representation, and get big money out of politics. The introduction of the Freedom to Vote Act is proof that our voices have power in the halls of the US Senate. It’s again time to add your voice and speak out! The Freedom to Vote Act ensures that our democracy is protected and serves the American people. Your voice will continue the fight for this sweeping voting rights package.

Contact your senators* TODAY and tell them to vote yes on the Freedom to Vote Act. Return control of our government back where it belongs — into the hands of the people.  

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