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This Week's Alert!

If you do nothing else, here is the most important action you can take:

Support Equal Pay: Now, and for Our Daughters' Futures

We all know that women are still paid less than men in virtually every occupation and are too often bypassed for promotions and raises. We need to pass an Equal Pay Bill to take steps to rectify this while still allowing options for further steps. Please click here to support passage of the bill without an amendment prohibiting cities from taking additional steps in the future.

Status and Actions Needed for Other Legislative Priorities

Please click on the areas of interest to you to see the status of bills that the Lobby Team is working on and what action is needed this week. The issue webpages include the Lobby Team contact information, League positions, and history of bills the League is tracking for this legislative session.


Democracy: NEW Progress on Automatic Voter Registration, DISCLOSE Act and more...(read more here)

Economic and Social Justice: NEW Both the House and the Senate have the opportunity to update our equal pay law. But they are being pressured to weaken SB 5140 / HB 1506 by adding language that prevents...(read more here)

Health Care: NEW Several bills in the Senate and House deal with insurance premium rates, drug cost transparency, and drug insurance plans...(read more here)

Reproductive Rights: NEW Two important bills dealing with reproductive health care are moving through the legislative process...(read more here)

Gun Safety: NEW The Senate Law and Justice Committee moved SB 5444 out of Exec Session and the bill is now in Ways and Means. Please urge your senator to move this bill...(read more here)

Education: NEW Education funding fixes still being debated...(read more here)

Civic Education: NEW HB 1896, expanding civics educations and professional development, may be stalled in the Appropriations Committee...(read more here)

Other Issues

Climate Change, Energy, & Transportation: NEW Speeding ahead with substitutes that have passed...(read more here)

Natural Resources: NEW Another frantic week as bills that had public hearings moved rapidly to executive session to get them passed out of their committee of origin before the February 2 cut off day for policy bills. Many bills were substantially amended before passage...(read more here)

Fair & Adequate Revenue: NEW You know what is fair. A dollar to the peasant is not the same as a dollar to the noble...(read more here)

Click here for a list of Lobby Team members and contact info.