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Keep Open Government in Olympia 

We learned today of a bill, SB 6617, which is being rushed through the legislative process without the usual steps. This bill would specifically exempt the legislature from the Public Records Act (PRA). Though the bill actually contains some progress on certain types of disclosure, it is the process by which this is being hustled through the legislature without meaningful public input that raises great concerns.

The bill received its First Reading (official introduction) this morning (2/22) and was immediately put on Second Reading, which means it could be passed at any time. No referral to committee, no true hearing or adequate notice of the “working session” held at noontoday. In fact, most legislators did not see the bill until today and have had, and apparently will have, no input. This is exactly the kind of behind closed doors secrecy that the PRA is designed to prevent.

We have been told that the intent is to pass the bill in both houses tomorrow -Friday 2/23, and that no amendments can be considered. So despite the significant, thoughtful opposition expressed today, it appears to already have been decided that that input will not be considered.

Please contact your legislators immediately by clicking here to urge them to slow down this process and allow for meaningful public analysis and input into this very important bill.

See this article for more information.

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