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February 22 was the cut off date for many bills to move out of their policy committees to continue forward in the process, and was a very active day in both the House and Senate. Our Lobby Team is taking an extra day to assess which bills are still viable and next steps. The full Legislative Newsletter will be delivered to your inbox tomorrow, Monday February 25, so we can bring you the most up to date information.

Today we have a recap of last week's highly successful Democracy Lobby Day, as well as two Action Alerts for you to contact your legislators about. 

The 2019 Democracy Lobby Day in Olympia on February 21 was a high-energy success for co-sponsors League of Women Voters of Washington State and Fix Democracy First.

Over 150 participants representing 35 of our 49 legislative districts assembled in the Columbia Room of the Legislative Building (Capitol) to hear objectives and approaches for the day’s events. Many legislators and government officials also spoke to the group at large on their own priorities and their commitment to enhancing democracy.


The League’s experienced contract lobbyists Pam Crone and Nancy Sapiro provided guidance on effective communication with busy legislators. Each of the presenters received a “Democracy Rocks” memento, a rock paper weight hand-painted by our volunteers, which became a coveted item on the Capitol campus.  


We then met with our own legislators to emphasize the importance of democracy-enhancing bills currently in the legislative process. The legislators seemed genuinely gratified to speak with constituents and interested in what we had to say. We also received insight into the legislators’ decision processes. Some participants took time to listen in on committee hearings and observe the legislature in session. The experience was a reminder of how complex the governing process is, and the many values and interests our elected officials must balance.  

If you were not able to attend Democracy Lobby Day you can still participate in the continuing legislative session by reading the weekly Legislative Newsletter, and contacting your state senator and representatives on bills the League Issue Chairs are following in our key areas – Democracy, Social Policies, Education, Environment, and Fair & Adequate Revenue

This Week's Alerts!

League Opposes Memorial to Ask US Congress to call limited Convention

League believes that SJM 8002, asking Congress to call a limited convention, authorized under Article V of the United States Constitution, for the purpose of proposing a free and fair elections amendment to that Constitution, is far too risky for our democracy due to a lack of safeguards against unintended circumstances.

Please click here to send a message to your Senator to oppose this bill.

Oppose State Management of City Tolls

SB 5104 would prohibit any local governments from imposing a vehicle toll. League believe that the State should not prohibit a local jurisdiction from managing its traffic as it sees fit, and that congestion tolls will provide incentives for increased transit use.

Please click here to contact your Senator and ask them to oppose this bill.