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Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Democracy advocates like you, we in Washington enjoy many voting protections: Expanded access to voter registration, strong voting rights protections, Election Day voter registration, no voter purges, paper ballots, disclosure of campaign finances, transparency in political ads, enhanced election security, ethical standards for elected officials. Common sense laws to strengthen our democracy.

But these are all things that don’t exist in many states. We hear every day about voter suppression and intimidation, voter purges, vulnerable voting machines with no paper trail, dark money in political campaigns, threats to election security and blatant partisan gerrymandering. We need voter protections for everyone in the country.

The For the People Act (S 949HR 1) provides just that. It is a comprehensive democracy reform bill that passed the US House, has been introduced in the US Senate and referred to the Finance Committee. Now we need a hearing on this critical bill to protect our democracy.

As the For the People Act expands democracy nationwide, it will also strengthen voting and election fairness here in Washington. This bill will help us move to a fair, diverse redistricting commission, further strengthen our election security and disclosure laws and set up a system for matching public financing for small donations.

Both Senators Murray and Cantwell are cosponsors of the bill and we need to urge them to demand a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee. They need to hear from you how important this bill is so they will be able to tell their colleagues in the majority party that the people are demanding a hearing on this bill.

Please click here to write our Senators and tell them we must put power back in the hands of the American people. Tell them that you believe Democracy is worth fighting for.