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Supplemental Action Alerts

Following legislative action in financial committees, we have these additional Action Alerts for your action. Deadline for the next step for these bills is March 6. Don’t wait --  Act TODAY!

Today's Action Alerts!

If you do nothing else TODAY, these are the most important actions you can take. Responding to these alerts is a great way for you to have a big impact with a very small investment of time. Please act TODAY! 

If you think that you may have missed an earlier Action Alert – the alerts for this session can be found here.

Support Youth Voter Engagement

We all know that voter turnout among young people is traditionally very low. We also know that if we can get people voting at a young age, they are likely to be voters for life. Please ask your representatives to support the ESB 6313 Voting Opportunities Through Education (VOTE) Act to encourage greater civic engagement for young people.

Redistricting Bill Moves to Senate Floor - last chance to act!

We have until Friday, March 6, to convince our Senators to update the critical redistricting process. If the Senate doesn't pass ESHB 2575 by Friday, it will be 10 years before any changes can take effect.

ESHB 2575 was researched and drafted by the League of Women Voters. Without us, our Legislators would not have considered any changes to the redistricting process. Passing ESHB 2575 accentuates the vital role of the League. Passing ESHB 2575 helps the citizens of Washington have a larger voice in the process to draw our district lines.

We need your help. Even if you wrote before, please write again. If you didn't send a letter before, NOW is your chance. Our goal is to reach every Senator and have over 300 people write. Don't wait. Click to the Action Alert now. Click here to urge your Senator to vote for 2575: Redistricting updates. 

Prohibit Mining in ESA Critical Habitat

Motorized suction dredge mining is destructive to streams and fish habitat. The passage of ESHB 1261 will help restore critical habitat for ESA listed salmon, steelhead, and bull trout. Urge your senator to vote for this important bill.  

Help Pass a Bill for Environmentally Friendly Shoreline Armoring (Marine Bulkheads)

ESSB 6147 requires consideration of environmentally friendly armoring when replacing marine bulkheads. Shoreline armoring such as marine bulkheads causes significant harm to critical nearshore habitat for marine fish including salmon. Nearshore habitat is the nursery for baby salmon and other marine life. This bill is nearing a floor vote in the House, and your representatives need to hear your support.

Create a Health Care Cost Transparency Board

This bill provides a more holistic view of the health system and it’s cost drivers. The bill can identify cost savings from wasteful spending. Similar legislation has passed in Massachusetts and Oregon. If HB 2457 becomes law, Washington State will be able to compare it with other states that are studying this. Ask your senator to vote yes on this bill.

Abolish the Death Penalty

Washington’s death penalty is unconstitutional. It has been imposed in an arbitrary and racially biased manner, disproportionately impacting communities of color. It is expensive to implement and does not deter violent crime. We need to get this law off of our books once and for all. Urge your representatives to vote for SB 5339.  

You can check on other legislation at https://lwvwa.org/issues2020

Calendar and Events

March 6 – Last day to consider (pass) opposite house bills (5 pm) After 5 pm on the 54th day, only initiatives, alternatives to initiatives, budgets and matters necessary to implement budgets, matters that affect state revenue, messages pertaining to amendments, differences between the houses, and matters incident to the interim and closing of the session may be considered.

March 10 – Presidential Primary. See here for what is different about this election. 

March 12 – Last day allowed for regular session.

Washington State Legislature – Agendas, schedules, and calendars for 2020 session.