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Legislature Adjourned – March 12, 2020!

The 2020 Legislative Session adjourned around 8 pm on Thursday, March 12. It was fast and furious in the last few days as Legislators worked on all budgets – Operations, Capital, and Transportation.  And in the end, it all came together quickly. Of particular note was the effort to supply the extra funding for the Coronavirus response. Cynthia Stewart, Housing and Homelessness Issue Chair, particularly noted the good work that Legislature did to increase state funding toward solutions for affordable housing and reducing the number of individuals experiencing homelessness.

League’s contract lobbyists, Nancy Sapiro and Pam Crone, noted a spirit of cooperation as Legislators worked together in a bipartisan manner to invest in Washington. Of note is the realization that homelessness is a rural issue as well as an urban one.

As part of Governor Inslee's actions on social distancing during this response to the Coronavirus, none of the bill signings will be open to public participation. Legislator sponsors of the bills that he is signing will be invited.

This Week's Action Alert!

Responding to this alert is a great way for you to have a big impact with a very small investment of time. Please act TODAY! 

Urge the Governor to Sign ESSB 5395  

Please add your signature to the League petition to Governor Inslee to urge him to sign SSB 5395, the Comprehensive Sexual Health Education bill. It will ensure all our students (K-12) receive age-appropriate information (in K-3 it will be social and emotional learning standards) that is medically accurate and includes, where appropriate, information about abstinence and other methods of preventing unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Material must meet existing Learning Standards. Bill upholds the right of parents to opt their children out of any portion of the instruction.  

Click here to go to the petition.

Status and Actions Needed for Legislative Priorities

Did you follow a specific issue that the League did? Please click on your area(s) of interest to see what happened to those bills that a specific Issue Chair has worked on this session. The issue web pages include the Lobby Team contact information, League positions, and history of bills the League is tracking for this Legislative session. Please realize that you do not need to follow all of these – only select your area of interest and know that there will be others selecting other areas.


Elections: *NEW UPDATES* Bills encouraging youth voting and citizen engagement and providing state support for election funding PASS!

Census & Redistricting: *NEW UPDATES* Redistricting reform work moves to the Commission: Join a Speak Up School, draw maps, and testify in 2021! 

Campaign Finance & Government Ethics: *NEW UPDATES* Bill to fight foreign campaign interference PASSES! 

Election Security: *NEW UPDATES* Bill to improve election security breach reporting requirements PASSES!


Climate Change: *NEW UPDATES* Several important climate victories PASS, and with more climate work is still needed!

Energy: *NEW UPDATES* Community solar, zero-emission vehicles, and grid reliability PASS!

NATURAL RESOURCES: Protect and restore:

Forests & Rivers: *NEW UPDATES* Endangered fish protection and motorized suction dredge mining ban PASS! 

Water: *NEW UPDATES* Four bills protecting the quality and quantity of our water supply PASS!


Criminal Justice: *NEW UPDATES*  Bills prohibiting juvenile solitary confinement and restricting the use of private prisons PASS!

Economic Justice: *NEW UPDATES* Bill to establish a task force to improve and promote equity in access to education, housing, and employment PASSES!

Education: *NEW UPDATES* ESSB 5395, Comprehensive Sexual Health Education, PASSES! Tell the governor to sign.

Gun Safety: *NEW UPDATES* Some sensible measure PASS — more work to do next session!

Housing & Homelessness: *NEW UPDATES* Record levels of investments in affordable housing and services for people experiencing homelessness PASS!

Healthcare, Behavioral Health, & Reproductive Rights: *NEW UPDATES* Capping out-of-pocket cost of Insulin and Protecting Patient Care PASS!


Revenue: *NEW UPDATES* No significant changes were made during the 2020 session to the state tax structure.

Transportation: *NEW UPDATES* Still awaiting the outcome of I-976; no major changes to the transportation package will be made until that is known.

Click here for a list of Lobby Team members and contact info.

Other Sources of Information

TVWWashington's public affairs network, provides gavel-to-gavel coverage of Washington State Legislature sessions and coverage of the Washington State Supreme Court and public affairs events. 

The Washington State Legislature website has links to helpful legislative information of all kinds.

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If you are curious about all that a bill goes through, click here.

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Calendar and Events

April 1 – Bills need to be signed by the Governor.

Washington State Legislature – Agendas, schedules, and calendars for 2020 session.